Fears that make single people settle for less

Love seems to be everywhere you turn to but has somehow managed to avoid you.

You have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and some other social media platforms where people proudly share their love stories, narrate how they met and post the most adorable pictures from dates, staycations and baecations.
Somehow though, you remain single and you become desperate to find someone... anyone... even though you know he/she will not be good for you and would not even meet the barest minimum standard you have set for a ideal partner

 The fear of being alone forever

When people become scared that they'd never meet anyone, or that they'll forever be alone, the make themselves take any partner that comes their way.

 I'm not attractive enough

When people are single for long enough, they look for explanations, and they usually come to the usually-wrong conclusion that they are not good-looking or smart enough to be considered by people of the opposite sex.

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